Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Police set to remove beggars from Skopje streets

Police started an organized action for curbing down the begging on the streets of Skopje, Makfax informed.
Ministry of Interior announced today that the action codenamed "Begging" will be carried out in continuity, . The operation was prepared and will be realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare through the Public Facility Inter-Municipal Center for Social Affairs - Skopje.
According to the plan of the action, underage delinquency inspectors along with inspectors for property-related crime will patrol with an unmarked vehicle at crossroads, buildings, shopping malls, bridges, i.e. locations where this phenomenon is most commonly present.
As many as 23 spots in the city were encompassed in the course of Wednesday, the first day of the action, majority of which were under jurisdiction of the police precinct "Centre". In addition, the action was carried out on a number of locations on the territories of police precincts Bit Pazar, Aerodrom, Karpos and Gjorce Petrov.
The Police detained 11 adults and 13 minors, whose parents will receive warnings and reports in line with the Law on Public Order and Peace, and adequate measures for taking care of children-beggars will be taken in cooperation with the Inter-Municipal Center for Social Affairs.

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