Friday, September 05, 2008

Struga Poetry Evenings Closes – Fatos Arapi’s Works Is Glow Amidst Glow

Fatos Arapi has impressed the Struga Poetry Evenings International Festival with dimensions of Albanian-Macedonian and Macedonian-Albanian spiritual homogeneity, Academician Gane Todorovski said inter alia in his oration dedicated to this year’s winner of Golden Wreath Fatos Arapi.
Arapi’s work, Todorovski continued, naturally elevates above times and the environment where he accomplishes himself and which he addresses. Fatos Arapi is an exemplary of a poet, a creative author whose authorial autonomy, expressed on the level and status of the most natural position, has enabled him poems and thoughts unburdened from any affiliation to aesthetic conventions and style actions. "A torch lit before dusk" is the final verse of his poem "I Am Too Modern." I will simply say, I was astonished, I was very pleasantly surprised when I read this verse. There, Arapi confesses why he is too modern. It is also said that “tragedy is a true homeland of poets” and that “I entered future tragedies of freedom long ago.”
…Because it is that glow, the midst of that glow that the wonders of a beautiful word are contained in nowadays. Fatos Arapi is here to illuminate completely our illuminated spaces and beautify this nice area,” Academician Todorovski concluded.

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