Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Macedonia may heed Bakoyannis advice

Few days ago Greek FM Bakoyannis, in Belgrade as part of her OSCE journey, issued a statement that Macedonia should follow Greece's example.

At the time, it wasn't clear what precisely did the Greek FM had in mind.

This morning, it appears as there is a good chance the government in Skopje will follow Athens' advice. No, it has nothing to do with minorities or cooking financial books, something Athens is an expert in.

A French Army delegation has signed an agreement with Macedonia for training Macedonian helicopter pilots in France. Because of this, the possibility of Macedonia purchasing French helicopters has greatly increased.

The Macedonian pilots are already trained on Russian/Ukrainian/Israeli helicopters. The only reason they would train on french helicopters is, if they are buying some.

Skopje has already decided to send a military attache to France, to be a liaison between the two armies. Greece bought their political support from France earlier this year, by agreeing to purchase fighter planes worth few billion euros.

Macedonia may join the French friendship bridge, in "Greek" style.

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