Friday, May 01, 2009

Gruevski - Macedonia deserves Europe's solidarity

Macedonia demands the same rights as the countries that have been joining the European Union previously, prime minister Nikola Gruevski said today at the European People's Parties' Congress.

During his address at the second day of the Congress taking place in Warsaw, he asked for support of Macedonia's integration in EU, Alsat-M TV Station reported.

"The positive opinion and the wish of the Macedonian people for inclusion in EU are not sufficient. We have to show to our people that Europe is worthwhile for us to be a part of it," Gruevski said.

Macedonian prime minister said that denying Macedonia an invitation for membership in NATO, despite Alliance's commendations about the country's achievements, delivered a severe blow to the solidarity.

"We are still hoping we will become a member, because we believe in the principles of freedom. Our vision is mutual respect and inclusion of all citizens, communication among the European countries and regions, regardless of how different they are - Europe for all. We ask for no more, just solidarity," Gruevski said.

After the end of the Congress tonight, PM Gruevski is scheduled to meet with his Czech counterpart Jan Fischer in Prague.

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