Friday, May 01, 2009

Macedonian Journalists' Association calls members to attend protest

The Macedonian Journalists' Association (MJA) will organize an action dubbed "Five Minutes of Loud Silence" and a massive protest on the occasion of 3rd May - Freed of the Press Day.
This year's edition of the action "Five Minutes of Loud Silence" will be held Sunday under the slogan "For journalists' dignity, for dignified profession." It will be comprised of five-minute recess of the news programs aired by electronic media across the country.
MJA called the journalist and employed in the media to take part in a massive protest, scheduled for the next day - 4 May at the Skopje's main square "Macedonia".
"We except from you to take part in the parade, so we can raise our voice against the bad situation in the Macedonian journalism, including the court verdicts, pressures, political influences, salaries..." says the statement released by MJA.

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