Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Macedonian snipers third best in the world

1.Russia, 2. Ukraine, 3. Macedonia.

These are the top three countries at the latest Sniper World Cup for Police and Military held in Budapest, Hungary. Eagle eye, nerves of steel ... is something that best describes a snaperist. Mistakes aren't allowed, the tiniest of mistakes can be very costly.

Macedonian elite police and military sniper units have been competing at the Budapest sniper world cup since 2004. For six years in a row Macedonian elite unit "Tigers" have placed in the top 10 in the world.

In 2008, the Tigers placed third in the world, right behind the Russians and the Ukrainians (Berkuti). The Tigers are known as the toughest unit for urban fighting in Macedonia, though some may have arguments for the Wolves and the Red Scorpions. They are not the same. The Wolves and Red Scorpions belong to the Army, while the Tigers are a police commando unit.

Each day of a "Tiger" member is planned out from morning to evening. Every minute of the day, including meals, training and tasks are planned months ahead. Their primary duties are to cover VIP persons, free hostages, deal with criminals and terrorists on moments notice etc.

The Tiger's sniper unit is also known in being able to take out targets at 1,500 meters distance with 100% accuracy which makes them one of very few units in Europe and the only ones in the Balkans that can do that.

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