Monday, February 08, 2010

I do not want to contribute to the aggravation of ethnical relations: education minister

The only thing I do not want to reach as a minister is to contribute to the aggravation of ethnical relations in Macedonia, said Macedonian education minister Nikola Todorov in an interview to Radio Free Europe, quoted by Macedonian Sitel television.
“The language barrier is one of the main barriers in the communication and I think this a way for better and easier integration in the society,” minister said commenting on the decision Albanian pupils to start learning Macedonian since first grade.
According to Todorov, there is no tension in the relations with Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) despite, sometimes, they have different opinions on the implementation of the decisions. According to him it is good there is a dialogue on overcoming problems.
A dialogue, organization of expert forums, help of the advisers with the Development of Education Service, special training of the teachers will help the decision to be implemented, education minister said.

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