Saturday, February 06, 2010

President Ivanov speaks at Security Conference in Munich

By its participation in international missions Macedonia plays a constructive role and contributes to global peace, President Gjorge Ivanov said Friday in Munich before the opening of the Security Conference 2010.

The Conference offers opportunity for Macedonia to present its and hear the positions of others on the Balkans security, Ivanov told reporters.

Asked to comment Greece's claims that Macedonia presents a threat to the security, Ivanov said that for 19 years of independence the country had never generated such a problem in the relations with any of its neighbours or the entire region.

Ivanov refuted the claims on possible destabilization of Macedonia if the country made no progress towards the EU membership.

Those who present such opinions should comment them, Ivanov said.

Tomorrow, Ivanov is scheduled to address the conference's panel discussion on the Future of the European, Global Security.

The 46th Munich Security Conference brings together about 300 Heads of State, Government, opposition leaders and representatives of diverse organizations from the entire globe.

The slogan of this year's conference is "No More Excuses!", which aims at urging participants to take action.

Besides debates on traditional topics, such as trans-Atlantic and European security architecture, the conference will focus on the security and stability of the Middle East, as well as disarmament, arms control, nuclear non-proliferation, NATO's new strategy, and the Afghanistan issue.

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