Thursday, February 11, 2010

Terror in Albania over classes in Macedonian

Parents of 200 children, who take classes in Macedonian language in Golo Brdo, Albania, are put under everyday terror and threats, while the situation in Gora is even worse, Macedonian Dnevnik daily writes.
According to Edmond Osmani from Golo Brdo, the classes have not started because of the strong pressure from the institutions in Albania. The newspaper also notes that children are studying Macedonian thanks to a non-government organization.
“We want for the Macedonian Foreign Ministry to take actions. It is unacceptable for a country in Europe, which declares itself democratic, to violate the human rights”, Osmani says.
Dnevnik writes further that the classes in Gora have not even started because of the pressure exerted by the state institutions.

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