Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anti-Greek protests in Skopje

About 50 members of Macedonian non-governmental organizations protested in front of the Greek embassy in Skopje.

The protest was organized in response to a parade held recently in Athens at which Greek soldiers were chanting anti-Macedonian and ant-Albanian slogans.

One of the chants said that they “would make clothes out of the skin of Macedonians and Albanians."

The protest in Skopje, entitled “Stop Greek Fascism,” was secured by a large number of police officers and ended without incident.

The protesters said that Macedonia would never abandon its constitutional name.

The NGO members carried maps of Great Macedonia, stretching to the Aegean Sea, sang patriotic songs, and gave embassy officials a letter of protest and a demand for an apology from Greece.

The Macedonian Foreign Ministry also delivered a letter of protest to the Greek ambassador in Macedonia, who called the soldiers’ chanting an “isolated incident.”

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