Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gostivar mayor to found new party in Albanian political bloc

Mayor of the Macedonian town of Gostivar Rufi Osmani will soon found a new political party, which will require for Macedonia to become a country of two state-establishing nations – the Albanian and the Macedonian, and for all important state decisions to be passed with concession between the two, Macedonian Dnevnik daily reports. 

Osmani told the newspaper that it has not been decided yet when exactly the party will be found but the process will be slow in order to avoid any mistakes in the selection of the people in the leadership.
There will be young people in the party, who will bring change, mainly in the Albanian political bloc, and will increase the level of responsibility in politics,” Osmani said.

Osmani has discussed his idea with Albania’s Prime Minister Sali Berisha, whom he met during the weekend.
A year ago Osmani won the local elections as a non-attached candidate and got a majority in the Municipal Council of Gostivar. The idea for the establishment of a new party is connected to the upcoming general elections. According to Osmani, Macedonia needs new elections, at least until there is no solution to the name dispute with Greece.

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