Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gruevski expects proposal in May for surpassing name dispute, acceptable for both parties

PM Nikola Gruevski expects UN mediator Matthew Nimetz in May to give concrete proposal or set of ideas for surpassing the name dispute between Greece and Macedonia.

- We are ready for active participation in all preparations because as far as I know the mediator is listened with two negotiators and exchanges opinions and ideas. I hope that in May he will give proposal which will be acceptable for both parties and mainly for the Republic of Macedonia, the party which is mostly pressured and is in most unfavorable situation with this problem, PM Gruevski said in Krusevo at cornerstone laying ceremony of power transformer station for electrification of “St. Preobrazenie” monastery in Krusevo.

Asked to comment the latest public opinion poll conducted by “Societas Civilis” Institute for Democracy at Ministry of Defence’s request, which showed that over 80% of citizens oppose change of name for NATO membership, Gruevski said that he had no special comment and that the situation is not new because it was repeated several times so far.

- As government we remain fully committed in finding resolution to name dispute, which will unblock EU and NATO membership talks, but in a way, which will be acceptable for all citizens in the Republic of Macedonia and mainly for the Macedonians who are mostly concerned, Gruevski said.

- It means that it is about fundamental issue for the citizens and it is hard to sell something that endangers national and state interests. Because of this as government and as political party we are strongly focusing on finding solution that will not endanger national and state interests and citizens to be able to accept it on a referendum, Gruevski said.

He said that regardless if someone considers the solution acceptable or not, and whether it is good or bad, the citizens will have the final word at the referendum. That’s why in the negotiations and talks we are trying to obtain better proposal which will be acceptable and we are not looking for a solution at any price aimed at causing unnecessary expenses with the possible referendum, Gruevski said.

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