Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FM Milososki meets Enlargement Commissioner Fule

Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki met Tuesday in Brussels with Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, in the framework of the Macedonia-EU dialogue regarding a decision for beginning of accession negotiations following last year's European Commission recommendation.

Fule and Milososki referred to reforms related to the fulfillment of Copenhagen membership criteria, in light of the seventh meeting of the Macedonia-EU Stabilization and Association Council on July 20 and the EC recommendation on the country acceding in the second stage of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) implementation.

"EC invests efforts for such a decision at some of the coming political meetings of the EU Council, whereas Macedonia provides its input in the decision with the reform process and proper SAA implementation", FM Milososki told media.

According to him, the Fule meeting demonstrated that Macedonia and EU were allies in the Euro-integration process.

"It is of essential importance for Macedonia and the EC that the July 20 Council meeting passes in a positive atmosphere, including productive discussion on Macedonia's reforms in administration, judiciary, political dialogue, as well as laws concerning the country's energy market", added Milososki.

He claims the Euro-integration process is still high on EC and Fule's list of priorities.

"This gives us optimism that we can, despite the interference of certain bilateral issues by one member-state, keep the spirit of enthusiasm in Macedonia's society and use that capital in the reform process", underlined FM Milososki.

Fule and Milososki also tackled the issue of allocating an appropriate budget for implementation of the Roma Decade program.

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