Wednesday, July 14, 2010

125 HIV cases in Macedonia

One hundred twenty-five HIV positive persons were registered in Macedonia, 50 percent of them were registered in the last six years. The worrying fact is that the country has seen continuous growth in the spread of HIV.

Unofficially, last year for the treatment of 25 HIV positive people were donated 30,000 euros from the Global Fund, said Elizabeta Boskovska of the citizens association "Hera" at today's press conference, which was prepared for the government and signed by 12 citizens' associations.

The aim of the statement which listed future actions and recommendations was made for the government to intensifying its fight against HIV and bring about universal access, care and treatment for HIV infected patients

"The Macedonian government and all relevant factors should work hard to increase public awareness of human rights associated with HIV," said Boskovska.

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