Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Commitment to implement key projects in Macedonia's overall transport infrastructure is planned

The Government of Macedonia deems that investments in transportation will contribute to direct growth of the economy, Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski noted in his address delivered at Tuesday's regional meeting of transport ministers in Zagreb.

A joint declaration was signed at the event binding SEE countries on regional cooperation in an effort to accelerate the process of their EU integration. Talks also focused on infrastructural and transport projects in countries from the region and on linking the region with transportation infrastructure of Europe via trans-European transportation corridors.

- We know that investments in transportation open a window of opportunities to overcome the economic downfall. Trans-European networks have fundamental importance for the mobility of persons and goods and for territorial cohesion of the European Union. If Europe wants to meet its economic and social potentials, it is vital to build the missing links and to service bottlenecks in transportation infrastructure and to ensure maintenance of our transport networks, said Minister Janakieski.

He said that two trans-European corridors were passing through  Macedonia.

- We're committed to implementing key projects and to improving the overall transport infrastructure and transport services, not only for the citizens of Macedonia, but also for all those who transit the country, Janakieski added.

Demir Kapija-Smokvica road section, which is part of Corridor 10 and will be co-financed by IPA funds, in his opinion is one of the biggest infrastructure project due to be realised in Macedonia.

Minister Janakieski in his address noted that current and future FYR Macedonian investments in Corridor 8 were in compliance with the conclusions derived from the national transport strategy and the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

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