Friday, July 09, 2010

Konjanovski, Milososki meet Rasmussen, NATO ambassadors

Defense Minister Zoran Konjanovski and Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki took part Wednesday at the North-Atlantic Council's session in the format 28+1 to discuss Macedonia's progress in implementing the 11th cycle of the NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP), followed by a meeting with NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Konjanovski and Milososki referred to the ongoing reforms in Macedonia's army, administration, judiciary, in line with NATO accession criteria.

"Ambassadors voiced enormous support to Macedonia's reform process. Taking into consideration its capacity and resources, Macedonia is obviously one of the biggest contributors in NATO-led missions, especially ISAF", said FM Milososki after the session.
The meeting also focused on regional stability, with Macedonia being an active stakeholder in the process.

Milososki underlined that large credit went to the overwhelming support of Macedonian citizens to the country's NATO accession.

Moreover, Konjanovski and Milososki stressed Macedonia and Greece lead intensive talks regarding the imposed name dispute, with the former expecting greater flexibility and pragmatism from the latter, resulting in the issue's settlement that would enable FYR Macedonia's NATO accession, but also enhance regional stability.
According to Defense Minister Konjanovski, all ambassadors who took part in the debate confirmed that FYR Macedonia has done its job, meeting all membership conditions, but the name issue remains to be solved.

"Regarding defense reforms, we were encouraged to maintain the current tempo", added Konjanovski.

He said Macedonia remained committed to ISAF and other missions, proper training of Macedonian Army (ARM) members, army depolitization, as well as multiethnic troops, something which was saluted by meeting participants

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