Friday, July 09, 2010

Macedonia announces an EUR 1,9 million e-registration system

E-registration of companies, e-applications for first employment and documents for deposit and leasing, networking of competent institutions is part of the second stage of the single window system project, which the Central Register of  Macedonia launched on Wednesday.

In the framework of the project, worth EUR 1,9 million, the first system will be put into use in August, whereas complete implementation is expected by the year-end.

"This is an extremely important project, which will enable e-registration of companies from abroad", said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at the presentation.

The project's objective is shortening and simplification of the procedure for registration of legal entities, meeting of European directives and e-registration of commercial companies, implementation of the Law on e-Signature and the concept of e-certificate, along with reduction of the administrative burden of the business community.

"Implementation of such operations confirm the Government's commitment for increase of the Macedonian market's appeal to foreign investors, growth in the range of e-services to the business community, its protection through introduction of so-called 'black list' of entities, increase of transparency of bankruptcy procedures and availability of loans through e-deposit and leasing", stated PM Gruevski. 

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