Thursday, July 08, 2010

Parliament to debate motion on Speaker's dismissal on Saturday

Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski scheduled a session on Saturday (July 10) with only one item on the agenda - SDSM and NSDP's motion for his dismissal.

- Instead of finding a compromise on the establishment of an inquiry committee, I received today a formal motion from SDSM and NSDP deputies regarding my removal from the post President of the Macedonian Parliament. The motion will not distract me from my intention on one hand to clarify all of the circumstances in connection to the July 1 incident. On the other hand, the Parliament will continue executing its constitutional obligations and fulfilling our European agenda, Veljanoski told Thursday's press conference where he announced measures taken by him following the Parliament incident.

Because his "integrity is at stake", Veljanoski said he postponed today's plenary session and scheduled a debate on his dismissal on Saturday taking into consideration the EU integration processes and crucial items that had to be passed in the Parliament.

Asked whether the Parliament security had made omissions, Veljanoski said this should be determined by an inquiry committee, whose main goal would be to compose a report and submit it to the Parliament.

- I urge an inquiry committee to be formed with consensus, the Speaker stated.

The measures suggested by Veljanoski also include development of a feasibility study for the establishment of a security service of the Parliament, ethic code for MPs, establishment of an inquiry committee in a manner similar to other inquiry committees formed with consensus, heightened security measures during the reconstruction of Parliament's building, etc..

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