Monday, July 24, 2006

Kanal 5: Macedonia’s Foreign Minister to Send a Verbal Note over Bulgarian Foreign Minister’s Statement

Skopje. The Bulgarian government accused Macedonia of being aggressive to the Bulgarian nation and history, the Macedonian television Kanal 5 reported. During a meeting in Sofia with Bulgarian ambassadors abroad, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin said Bulgaria would support Macedonia’s EU integration if the country didn't interfere with the Bulgarian history and nation and if it observed the principles of good neighborly relations. Kalfin’s statement confused the Macedonian authorities and caused reactions at the Macedonian Foreign Ministry.
“Exactly such statements do not comply with the principles of good neighborly relations”, the Macedonian Foreign Ministry stated. It added that it would send a verbal note on the issue through the Macedonian ambassador to Sofia, Abdurahman Aliti. Mr. Aliti had already demanded a meeting with Mr. Kalfin.

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