Monday, July 24, 2006

Kalfin: Bulgarian support to Macedonia is not unconditional

Bulgarian support to Macedonia's integration into EU and NATO will be conditioned with country's will to build good neighborly relations, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin said.

"Bulgaria supports both Macedonia and Turkey, but the support is not unconditional. We will insist that both countries respect the principles of good neighborly relations, and particularly we will keep an eye on Macedonia to make sure that the country refrains from aggression on Bulgarian history and nation," Kalfin sad at a meeting of Bulgarian ambassadors and consuls abroad.

He did not specify what did he mean when saying Bulgarian history and nation, as both countries have disputed historical facts.

He made clear that regional co-operation is among top priorities of Bulgaria's foreign policy, adding that Sofia pledges support to all countries in the region on their road to NATO and EU.

"For the time being, Serbia needs a very strong support, which we are ready to offer," Kalfin said.

As regards Kosovo issue, Kalfin says Bulgaria would prefer a good rather than hasty solution to the future status of Kosovo.

"The proper solution will generate stability in the region and create a sustainable multiethnic society in Kosovo," Kalfin said.

He added that EU highly appreciates Bulgaria's position on Kosovo issue. In Sofia's stance will be taken into serious consideration when drafting the EU's position on this issue, Kalfin said at the meeting of Bulgarian ambassadors.

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