Thursday, July 20, 2006

Macedonians should go in Macedonia, says Blagovgrad mayor

"Macedonians should go in Macedonia," Makfax news agency quotes this chauvinistic statement released by Blagoevgrad mayor Lazar Prickapov.

Asked to comment the founding assembly of OMO Ilinden-Pirin, Prickapov told radio Focus-Pirin he knows nothing about this initiative, nonetheless, he remains steadfastly opposed.

"I have no information on establishing an ethnic Macedonian party in Goce Delcev," Prickapov said. "Macedonians should go to Macedonia. Such assembly is illegal," Blagoevgrad mayor said.

The Sofia-based Focus agency, which also runs the Focus-Pirin radio, quotes Bulgarian MEP Boris Jacev, a local frontman of VMRO Bulgarian National Movement led by Krasimir Karakacanov - a former collaborator of Bulgarian secret police, as saying that competent authorities should take an immediate action.

"The competent authorities should undertake measures. If ordered, the members of VMRO BND will hamper any provocation targeted at Bulgaria's national security and sovereignty," Jacev said.

He showed off by saying "some 10 days ago, we did not allow formation of a party of ethnic Turks of Menderes Kungyon.

Focus news agency and radio quotes MEP Elijana Maseva of the Democrats for Powerful Bulgaria, led by ex-prime minister Ivan Kostov, who objects formation of OMO Ilinden as ethnic Macedonian party.

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