Thursday, July 20, 2006

Still not too late for Macedonia - US, EU and NATO appeal

Despite the bad start of the campaign, it is still not too late for Macedonia to win these elections.

This is said in the statement given by US Ambassador Gillian Milovanovich in the name of the representatives of the international community on Tuesday in Skopje's village of Rasce, the scene of the latest violent incidents in the election campaign.

The United States Ambassador came to Rasce together with EU Special Representative and Head of EC Delegation Erwan Fouéré; British Ambassador Robert Chatterton Dickson; and NATO Senior Military Representative Brigadier General John Durance.

"Parties that failed to prevent such incidents, parties that participated in those and parties that tried to use them, including the parties not directly involved in the physical incident, are acting selfish and disregarding ordinary citizens of Macedonia", is said in the statement.

Representatives of the international community on Tuesday visited the scene of the incident in Rasce, in order to, as stated, "emphasize our disappointment from the inability or the lack of will of involved political parties to put an end to the election-related incidents."

Ambassadors sent a message that "incidents and provocations connected with the election campaign, at least signal the failure of the leadership of those who caused them, participated in them or tried to use them, as well as their party members and followers."

"All those who refuse to act fully responsible will prove that they are not worth of the election mandate they are seeking and the power they are demanding for their party", is said in the statement.

Ambassador Milovanovich reiterated the support of the US Government for police authorities to clear out with the instigators of the incidents.

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