Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vreme: Macedonia Should Request from Ljupco Georgievski to Give Away Bulgarian Citizenship

Skopje. The former Macedonian Prime Minister and informal leader of VMRO – Narodna Ljupco Georgievski has had Bulgarian citizenship for six months, the Macedonian daily Vreme reports on Tuesday.
The daily cites Boyka Bashlieva, the press secretary of the Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov. According to Bashlieva Georgievski received Bulgarian citizenship on February 23, 2006. Bashlieva did not give any further details as this would contradict the Personal Information Protection Law.
“Macedonians can have more than one citizenship and the state cannot do anything because this is a subjective right to any person”, the International Law Expert Toni Deskovski from the Law Faculty of the University of Skopje said.
Deskovski refused to comment on the political aspects for Georgievski to receive Bulgarian citizenship, but said that according to him traditions in international private law call for the country to request that Georgievski gives away his citizenship in another country when it comes to a high-standing state posts.
“In such cases the sovereignty of the country is questioned, because the person in question has shown loyalty to another country”, Deskovski said.

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