Saturday, August 26, 2006

Arben Dzaferi retreats from politics

On Wednesday, Arben Dzaferi, leader of the Democratic Party of Albanians of Macedonia (DPA) announced his retreat from politics.

"I intend to retreat from politics for health-related reasons", said Dzaferi for Wednesday's issue of Pristina newspaper "Koha Ditore".

"I have health-related problems that keep me from giving contribution in the political processes that will happen in all segments of the Albanian society", explains Dzaferi.

As Makfax correspondent reports, he added that the retreat would be gradual, step by step, "same as I have entered politics".

Dzaferi refused to state possible names of his successor, but said that it won't be a problem.

"Everywhere I have worked, I created personnel that is able to replace me", said Dzaferi in his statement for "Koha Ditore".

Arben Dzaferi, one of the most controversial politicians in the recent Macedonian history, is ill from a difficult disease for many years, which has been kept under control.

He entered politics as a leader of DPA in the beginning of 1990s, after a faction split from until-then undisputed party of Macedonian Albanians - Party of Democratic Prosperity (PDP).

In Macedonian media, with abundant help from ruling elites, Dzaferi traveled the road from "radical", through "largest Albanian intellectual" and "constructive Albanian" to "traitor, secessionist and supporter of the idea for Great Albania".

Before coming to Macedonia and starting a political career, Dzaferi was building his education and professional career in Kosovo, since the time of socialist Yugoslavia.

According to unconfirmed information, since several years ago he is often seen in Pristina, where he has own business.

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