Saturday, August 26, 2006

Opening of 45th Struga Poetry Evenings

By reading verses from the poem "Tga za jug" from Konstantin Miladinov and by starting the festival fire, on Thursday in front of the Struga Cultural Centre 45th Struga Poetry Evenings will be opened.

According to the programme, this year 35 foreign and 36 Macedonian poets will participate, and this year's laureate is Cuban poet Nancy Morejon.

SVP's programme contains traditional contents, poetry readings "Bridges" and "Meridians", portrait of the "Golden Wreath" laureate, in "St. Sofia" church, presentation of the "Pleiades", as well as poetry reading "A night without punctuation".

This year, the evening of national poetry will be dedicated to Caribbean poetry, and the reading will be enhanced with performance of a Caribbean quartet.

On the 45th SVP, the traditional content "Poetry on the road" will be revived by poetry readings throughout Macedonia, in cities of Bitola, Strumica, Kicevo, Kumanovo and Tetovo.

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