Tuesday, August 29, 2006

If One Owns Bulgarian or Albanian Passport in Macedonia They Will Be Accused of Espionage: MP

Skopje. The Macedonian MP from the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) Dzevat Ademi refuted before FOCUS News Agency the information disseminated by Macedonian TV station A1 on Friday that DUI leader Ali Ahmeti had said that Macedonia should not be ruled by people with Bulgarian citizenship.

According to Mr. Ademi A1’s information could be called speculative.
“This information is taken out of the context of what Ali Ahmeti said. What he said was: “I as an Albanian can receive an Albanian citizenship but I do not have one because I have never wanted it. As an Albanian I have strong connections in Kosovo and I can become a citizen of Kosovo whenever I want. I, however, do not have such because I want to live in Macedonia and to work for this country because it is my native land,” the Macedonian MP explained.
When asked to comment whether people with double citizenship could govern Macedonia Dzevat Ademi stated: “As far as I know there are two or three ministers with double citizenship in the cabinet of Nikola Gruevski, which is not a legitimate cabinet. This bothers no one”.

According to him there are stereotypes that still exist in Macedonia according to which the politicians could have a Serbian passport but not an Albanian or Bulgarian one.
“If one has an Albanian or Bulgarian passport they will immediately be accused of espionage or of being someone’s vassal,” the DUI MP pointed out.

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