Friday, August 11, 2006

Tetovo assailant gets arrested

The person who has been terrorizing young women in Tetovo area over the last several months has been arrested, the Police announced today.

The same sources identified the attacker as Mustafa D., 22, from Tetovo, who has an extensive criminal record, including drug abuse charges, banditry and robberies.

Mustafa was arrested Wednesday night, after attempting a knife point attack on a woman outside a residential building located on "JNA" street, in Tetovo.

The identification procedure proved Mustafa D. as a perpetrator of the assaults on the juvenile girls E.K., 17, D.P., 18, and S.A., 18, all from Tetovo, who were attacked in late May 2006.

An investigation into possible involvement of Mustafa D. in other crimes of similar nature is under way, the Interior Ministry's announcement says.

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