Friday, October 13, 2006

Budget expenses increased for 6,5 billion Denars

Budget expenses increased for 6,5 billion Denars

Skopje, 12.10.2006 (Makfax) - The State Budget, with its re-balance for the income side, was increased for 5,8 billion Denars, and in the expense side - for 6,5 billion Denars.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski announced this in Skopje on Thursday, adding that the Government has submitted the Budget re-balance to the Parliament.

Agriculture, education, social services and clearing out of inherited debts are key items that the Government plans to cover with the proposed Budget re-balance.

Gruevski, as reported by Makfax, said that the modified Budget projection envisages most money for farmers and the agricultural sector, where the increase is from three to around four billion Denars.

The Budget re-balance also envisages around four million Euros for de-compensation of the salaries from the collective agreements in the Ministry of Education.

Around 500 million Denars are set aside for settling out debts left over from the previous government to the ministries and other public institutions.

The Government intents to allocate around 10 million Euros for the education sector, including two million for improvement of students' standard, around 500 million Denars would be aimed towards improving the prisons' conditions, and just as much for the Pension Fund, as a transitional expense for covering the deficit in this institution.

A total of 200 million Denars are allocated for the Major Roads Fund, due to recorded deficit that occurred by improper collection of highway tolls. The Prime Minister announced investigation of this issue.

Around 300 million Denars will be allotted to programmes of the social package, and a significant portion of three million Denars will be aimed for the Culture.

Prime Minister Gruevski, while avoiding to state details about sources that will cover the Budget re-balance, announced that the Government will not increase the taxes.

On the joint press-conference of three deputy prime ministers and the Minister of Finance Trajko Slavevski, he said the cause for the re-balance of the Budget that the Government adopted is the inappropriate distribution of incomes and expenses that was planned with the previous Budget. /

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