Friday, October 13, 2006

etovo University Situation Escalates

Tetovo. The situation in the University of Tetovo is escalating, Macedonian TV station A1 reports.
Yesterday university inspectors found out about 100 more forged diplomas. Some of them were issued to close relatives of former and present functionaries who received the certificates after only a few months. Some of the professors who had taught at the University had forged their masters and PhD diplomas. Wives, children and cousins of the professors had been appointed at the university without having the necessary qualifications, A1 sources from the Macedonian Education Ministry claim. According to unofficial information 2,000 forged diplomas, issued to students from Kosovo and Albania, have been discovered so far.
Macedonia’s Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is concerned about the situation, A1 says. He claims that all those responsible will face the consequences of their actions but he added he would wait for the Inspectorate to carry out a thorough check-up. The Ministry informs that the check-up will go on for at least a month.

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