Friday, October 20, 2006

EC: Macedonia's economy marks significant progress in some areas

Macedonia's economy in some areas has made a significant progress, and in some areas it has even superseded some members of the Union.

Representatives of the European Commission voiced this opinion at the bilateral meeting in Skopje, held on the occasion of presentation of the first self-appraising report relating the European Charter for Small Enterprises.

Introduction of the one-stop system for registering business enterprises was pointed out as an example for the progress.

This marks the fourth National report on small enterprises, but this is the first self-appraising document, on the basis of which the progress of the country in 10 areas encompassed by the European Charter for Small Enterprises is assessed.

EC's representative in charge of industry and enterprises, Edward Tersmette, underlined that the Commission attaches special significance to these reports, since it serves as an indicator of the degree of development of any given national economy.

He added that Commission expects positive developments to take place in the region within the next three years. "There are many EC's programmes stand at your disposal, all you have to do is to reach for them and implement it", Tersmette said.

European Ambassador to Macedonia, Erwan Fouere, specified that as many as 75 percent of the employed in EU work in small enterprises.

"We are welcoming government's focus on the economic reforms", Fouere said.

Macedonian governmental representatives, Vice-Prime Minister Gabriela Konevska-Trajkovska and Economy Minister Vera Rafajlovska announced strong support for the small- and middle-sized enterprises.

Konevska reiterated Government's preparedness to work as a partner with the private sector, pledging for unreserved support.

Minister Rafajlovska specified that revising of the National Strategy for Small- and Middle-Sized Enterprises is in its final stage.

The 2006 National report is comprised of two segments. The first one demonstrates the current status in the small- and middle-sized enterprises in the country in terms of the 10 areas of the Charter, while the other segment refers to the government's goals to be achieved in the next year.

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