Friday, October 20, 2006

Germany asks Macedonia for understanding on EU's internal problems

Germany has no dilemma for the European perspective of Macedonia, but asks for understanding of the need of institutional reforms as a necessary prerequisite for admission of new members.

The German Parliament’s Foreign Policy Commission Chairman Ruprecht Polenz conveyed this message to the Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski.

According to the Macedonian Foreign Ministry, Polenz said "Germany has no dilemma as to the European perspective of Macedonia, however, he asked for understanding of EU's position that internal institutional reform of the Union has to be completed in order to enable admission of new members".

In his address before the members of the Bundestag's Foreign Policy Commission, Miloshoski expressed Macedonia's hopes for setting a date for launch of negotiations for membership in EU in 2008, as well as for "clear message on the possibility for inviting the country to join NATO" at the upcoming summit in Riga.

Miloshoski gave his address in the framework of activities of the Macedonian delegation led by PM Gruevski, which wrapped up its two-day visit to Berlin on Tuesday.

Previously during the day, Gruevski expressed content with the visit to Germany.

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