Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lapon: Incidents like the one in Tetovo can't harm security

The late Thursday's incident in Tetovo can't harm the cross-community security in Macedonia, said Alain Lapon, project manager in UNDP.

Lapon, who is in charge of UNDP's project Partnership for Community Safety & Security, made an address on the occasion of completion of safer community building project, implemented in Tetovo as well as in eight other municipalities across the country.

'Incidents, like the one in Tetovo yesterday, could not harm the safer community approach. We need to educate the youths on non-violent communication," Lapon said.

At the project closing conference, the participants have concluded that security-related issues in municipalities have been already detected and can be solved through partnership, support and concrete co-operation between the local and the central authorities.

As regards the effects of the Project, UNDP representative said incidents caused by use of weapons are decreasing in all nine municipalities covered in the project. The project turned successful in terms of raising public awareness on the necessity to hand in illegal weapons

All municipalities that were included in the project - Tetovo, Jegunovce, Tearce, Sopiste, Cair, Gorce Petrov, Stip, Aracinovo and Debar - were granted certificates for their contribution to enhancing the safety and security in their livelihood and reduction of crime, in particular incidents caused by use of firearms.

The municipality of Jegunovce was singled out as the most successful in terms of implementation of the project. No incident was reported in this municipality in the course of the project.

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