Friday, October 20, 2006

Macedonia Losing Its Children

Skopje. Macedonia is among the countries with highest death rate of babies in Southeast Europe, representative from the UN Fund for Children (UNICEF) announced today, Dnevnik newspaper reports.
The death rate of babies increased with 13.2% in 2004, UNICEF said. The increased death rate among young mothers too rose to 12,8 on 1,000 births. Death among children under the age of 5 also increased compared to the level several years ago, as in 2004 it was 14,8%. This is the highest percentage among the countries in the region, UNICEF pointed out. Poverty level is lower compared to the rest of the countries in the region but nonetheless the number of the children who live with USD 2.15 a day is larger than the number of elderly who live under this poverty threshold.

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