Friday, October 13, 2006

Macedonia recalls ambassador to U.S

Macedonia's President Branko Crvenkovski on Tuesday issued a decree to recall the country's ambassador to the United States, who was accused by the government of undiplomatic behavior, news from Skopje reported.

Macedonia's new government, elected in July, sharply criticized Ljupco Jordanovski, a former parliamentary speaker, for being indiscreet when dealing with the media.

Jordanovski and his counterpart in London engaged in a public debate in local media over why their Social-Democratic Party lost the elections, and their views were extensively quoted in the media.

Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki said they had violated the diplomatic code of behavior, and he threatened to keep the diplomat, who is in Skopje at present, indefinitely for consultations until the president recalled him.

However, Western diplomats in Skopje said the new government wanted to use this opportunity to get rid of the two diplomats who belonged to the rival Social-Democratic Party and fill the two most important positions with their own people.

Gjorgji Spasov, Macedonia's ambassador to Britain, resigned last month.

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