Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ambassador Solotsinsky says there is no diplomatic scandal

The late Saturday's incident outside Skopje's Trend cafe, where Russian diplomats were beaten up, is neither a diplomatic scandal nor a political case, Makfax correspondent quotes the Russian Ambassador to Macedonia Vladimir Solotsinsky as saying in Ohrid.

Ambassador Solotsinsky, who paid a visit to safety-belts manufacturing plant in Ohrid's nearby village of Belcista, said this was an isolated case which has no impact on Macedonian-Russian relations.

Russian Ambassador added that the Macedonian government is not involved in the incident, nonetheless, the diplomatic rules foresee that in such cases a note of protest be handed in to the Foreign Ministry of the country concerned.

"Our diplomats were attacked by intoxicated hooligans, who exist everywhere, and therefore, the same thing can happen in Paris, London, New York or any other place," Russian Ambassador said.

He added that the fight outside Trend cafe seems to have upset the diplomats in Skopje.

Not only the Russian Embassy but also the entire diplomatic chorus expect the authorities in Macedonia to track down and punish the perpetrators, Ambassador Solotsinsky said, adding that Macedonia will demonstrate that it could fulfill its obligations and guarantee the safety of foreign diplomats in the country.

Referring to blood test results, Ambassador Solotsinsky confirmed that no alcohol was found in blood samples of Russian diplomats. One of Russian diplomats does not consume alcohol because he suffers from hepatitis, and the other one is sportsman, the Ambassador added.

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