Saturday, November 04, 2006

SILMAK cut off from power supply system

Ferro-alloy production plant SILMAK from Jegunovce near Tetovo, has been cut off from the electric power network by MEPSO, the public enterprise engaged in power distribution.

MEPSO, which announced SILMAK's disconnection yesterday, explained that the move was prompted by long-overdue bills.

The government claims that recently incurred debts of SILMAK total 700.000 euros in addition to the previous 5 million euros worth of debts.

On the other hand, SILMAK claims its "financial commitments total 26.998.000 denars", and considers MEPSO's move to have been caused by the overall shortage of electricity supply the country is facing.

SILMAK's representatives said that halted operation will result in reduced foreign currency influx amounting 34 million euros on the basis of power production sold in advance, in addition to about 1.000 jobless workers.

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