Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cardiology Clinic complains of shortage of stents with cytostatic agents

The Skopje's Cardiology Clinic is facing a relative shortage of stents that have cytostatic agents.

The Director of the Clinic, Sahko Kedev said this today, explaining that shortage is due to increased volume of procedures and insufficient supply of the implants.

"I requested speeding up of the delivery procedure as early as the last week and we expect to receive the necessary supplies within a week", Kedev said, adding that he won't allow for provision of the necessary medicines and expandable materials on private basis, being it by the medical personnel or the patients.

At the moment, the Cardiology Clinic has 40 stents at its disposal, procured upon public bidding by the wholesale pharmacy distribution company "Dr. Panovski", however, Dr. Kedev MD, says they are unusable because they have no cytostatic agents.

On the other hand, the former Director of Cardiology, Dr. Borce Petrovski MD, dismissed Kedev's claiming by saying that "his statement is complete rubbish. It is a world-wide practice to use this kind of stents, which can be coated with cytostatic layer additionally, if a need arises".

Petrovski also accused Kedev for raising ungrounded allegations against his practices while holding the position of head of Cardiology Clinic.

"I refuse to take part in Kedev's manipulations that turned into a media circus, until he comes forward with solid arguments", Petrovski said, threatening to set out legal procedures against the slander attempts of his successor.

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