Tuesday, November 28, 2006

FM Milososki: Demarcation to be part of future UN resolution for Kosovo

Macedonia supports each solution by Marti Ahtisaari, UN special envoy, regarding the Kosovo future status, said Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki after meeting Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku in Pristina.

Ceku said "Kosovo is reality and it should be crowned with independence". He said Ahtisaari would cover all issues that were discussed in his package. -We pledge for Kosovo state within its borders, said Ceku.

Commenting on the border demarcation issue with Macedonia, Ceku said it had been discussed before with the previous PM, underlying that it was a technical issue, which required appropriate time for settlement.

-I believe now is the time to discus the good relations between Macedonia and Kosovo. The border demarcation issue will be reaffirmed after concluding the Kosovo status, said Ceku.

Milososki reiterated the demarcation issue should be considered as part of the future UN resolution regarding the Kosovo status.

He granted UNMIK support on the matter while discussing it with Steven Schook, acting UNMIK head earlier on Thursday.

Both interlocutors also discussed on certain technical issues, reviewed opportunities for reinforcement of economic cooperation, EU/NATO integration, as well as stability and security in the region.

Milososki also met with Rangel Noikic, chairman of the Serbian List in Kosovo's delegation and president of the Minority Rights Commission in Pristina.

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