Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Promotion of publications on road of Macedonia and Bulgaria to NATO

Publications on road of Macedonia and Bulgaria to NATO have been promoted today in Skopje.

The books "Macedonia toward NATO", prepared by Blagoja Markovski and Aleksandar Comovski and "Atlantic Solitaires" written by Maksim Mincev, have been presented at the
promotion set up by the Balkan Security Forum.

The event was attended by the Macedonian Defense Minister Aleksandar Elenovski, Bulgarian Ambassador to Macedonia Miho Mihov, President of the Bulgarian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Commission, Solomon Passy and the President of the Bulgarian Atlantic Club, Ljubomir Ivanov.

"If you take a look at the 'Atlantic Solitaires', the whole chronology of events starting from a few people's dream to its realization, will unfolded before you", Minister Elenovski said.

On "Macedonia towards NATO", Elenovski said it portraits a precise and realistic picture on the process of Macedonia's integration toward NATO, since the 1993 Declaration of the Macedonian Parliament to this day.

Maksim Manchev, the author of "Atlantic Solitaires", pointed out the 15-year long activities of the Bulgarian Atlantic Club managed to change the pubic opinion to support membership in NATO.

Solomon Passy, the founder and honorary President of the Bulgarian Atlantic Club, expressed conviction that Macedonia will receive positive signals from the upcoming NATO Summit in Riga.

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