Friday, December 08, 2006

Defendants in "Chinese Wall" case get one year prison terms each

Skopje District Court imposed one-year prison sentences to the two defendants in the "Chinese Wall" case, referring to the object erected across from the City Stadium in Skopje.

Poliksena Nikolovska from the Skopje Cadastre Office was found guilty on the charges of power abuse, while the building's investor Borche Ristovski was sentenced for instigating power abuse, Macedonian Radio reported.

Their lawyers Stevan Pavlevski and Mirjana Bojadzieva voiced discontent with the Court's decision and announced intention to appeal the ruling.

The trial wrapped up after three court appearances which took place last week. The so-called (urban) construction mafia is suspected of being involved in the "Chinese Wall" case, relating illegally issued license for construction of several hundreds meters-long building at the Vardar River quay.

The competent authorities are carrying out the pulling down operation of the building's uppermost store.

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