Monday, December 18, 2006

Macedonia, Greece to explore archeological landscapes

Greek and Macedonian archeologists will kick off cross-border archeological exploring in southern Pelagonia Valley and northern Greece, Makfax correspondent reported.

The project is of crossboundary nature and it was co-organized by Bitola's Institute and Museum, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and the Macedonian Museum. Four representatives of the two countries will be included in the project.

The outmost objective of archeological exploring, which will be getting underway in sites near Bitola's villages Karamani and Radobor, including the sites near Janica, northern Greece, is to collect data on the Bronze Age.

"There will be no archeological excavations or direct conservations in the course of the research on Bronze Age," said the archeologist Engin Nasuh of the Bitola's Museum. He added that there will be access routes to archeological sites, project promotion and marketing.

A Web site will be created, including CDs and catalogue once the data are obtained from Macedonia and Greece.

The project, which will run in the next 18 months, is financially supported by the Council of Europe.

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