Monday, December 18, 2006

Association of Private News Agencies headquartered in Skopje

The Association of Private News Agencies (APNA), comprising 13 private news agencies of the wider region, was registered Tuesday in Skopje.

The decision on establishing the Association of Private News Agencies (APNA) was made by representatives of private news agencies of nine countries in the wider region, who gathered for a conference in Skopje in late October.

At a conference in Skopje supported by the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA), the private news agencies vowed to step up the professional co-operation and reiterated their commitment for joint approach to the international institutions.

Through the Association, the private news agencies will make an appeal to the European and other relevant international institutions to ensure that their countries be granted equal access to information and market alike.

APNA will seek support and assistance from the European and other international institutions to avert state interference in media market.

The APNA members are the news agencies Beta and Fonet from Belgrade, Bgnes from Sofia, Eurolang from Athens, Kosovalife and Kosovapress from Pristina, Onasa from Sarajevo, Sita from Bratislava, Pressetext from Vienna, Stina from Split, Makfax from Skopje, including the soon-to-be established Alpa from Tirana and EPH from Zagreb.

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