Monday, December 18, 2006

Macedonia Has Medium-Term Perspective for EU Membership: Merkel

Berlin. Macedonia "has a prospect" for membership in the European Union but that perspective is a medium-term one, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the eve of the EU Summit, the Macedonian Makfax reports.
Merkel said that countries such as Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Macedonia have a "prospect of membership ... but we know that the perspective is a medium-term one."
She added that "a great many preparations" would be needed before it becomes reality, AP reported.
Merkel also said the EU was conducting "successful negotiations" with Croatia but that it was too early to set a date for it to join the bloc.
"We all know that the perspective of joining is no guarantee for later membership, but that the criteria must be fulfilled," she said. "I don't say this as a threat, but rather as an encouragement to the countries that want to join".

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