Monday, December 18, 2006

Macedonia to share Euro-Atlantic Experience with Montenegro

Skopje. Macedonia will share its Euro-Atlantic experience with Montenegro, said Macedonia’s President Branko Crvenkovski after receiving credentials of the newly appointed Montenegrin Ambassador Dusko Lalicevic, the Macedonian Makfax reports.
"The new spirit of friendship, co-operation and mutual backing unfolding in the South-East European region, the joint commitment to accelerated integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures, as well as the perspectives of the countries in the regions that were upheld through the Riga enlargement signal, oblige us not only to promote the bilateral but also to intensify the regional co-operation to ensure further prosperity and the wellbeing of the region," Crvenkovski said.
Ambassador Lalicevic expressed gratitude to Macedonia, as the country was among the first to recognize the sovereignty and the independence of Montenegro.
"We are confident that the political dialogue gives solid grounds to foster the bilateral ties, in particular the economic cooperation. We are looking forward to furthering the dynamic co-operation on the regional and the multilateral plan, particularly in the process of integration of our countries in the Euro-Atlantic community, which is a common goal," Ambassador Lalicevic said.

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