Monday, December 18, 2006

Macedonia Needs National Strategy for Protection of Human Rights

On the occasion of December 10, the International Human Rights Day, the Defenders of Human Rights Group issued a public appeal to the authorities of the Republic of Macedonia, demanding from the Parliament to adopt the Declaration on Defenders of Human Rights.

They also asked the Government to adopt official policies and strategy for implementation of the Declaration by all relevant bodies and institutions on national and local levels, and to improve the implementation of international documents and treaties as source of national law, as provided by the Constitution.

The newly established “Defenders of Human Rights Group” works in the field of promotion and protection of the universally recognized human rights and freedoms and contributes to the development of democratic society, institutions and processes.

The Group achieves its tasks and goals through a series of activities, including collection and publication of information and knowledge on all human rights and freedoms, promotion of debate on new ideas and principles in the area of human rights, providing legal assistance and advise in defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Group was established by several individuals, members of non-governmental organizations working in the field of improvement and protection of human rights.

The Civil Society Research Centre (CSRC) also used the International Human Rights Day to remind the state of its obligation to protect and improve human rights and secure the citizens unimpeded access to their rights.

CSRC also reminded that the fight against corruption is an obligation that the state should not understand as charitable work, demanding from the institutions to deal with that obligation and not to expect from the civil sector to take over the state’s functions and offices.

CSRC published the book “Constitutionalist”, a miscellany of Constitutional Court rulings on initiatives submitted by Stamen Filipov, the man who has filed the most submissions to check the constitutionality of legal texts and other regulations in the country.

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