Friday, December 29, 2006

Nikola Ristanovski - Forum Plus weekly magazine Man of the Year

Skopje, December 29 (MIA) - Forum Plus weekly magazine has chosen the actor Nikola Ristanovski for the Man of the Year 2006. On this occasion the latest edition of Forum Plus reads that in the common political, social, scientific and cultural deficiency in persons that would mark 2006, according to the invested efforts, achieved results and general sympathies, Nikola Ristanovski imposed on as the only person that satisfies the requirements.

- Ristanovski has appeared in 115 theatre plays, 11 plays this year and 34 tours outside Macedonia, several film and TV engagements gives a pictures for his professional involvement, Forum Plus reads.

Weekly magazine also reads that jury's decision is based on other factors for the selection - the remarkable creative relation in regard to realisation of the roles in the plays, his dedication to theatre art which he has never betrayed, his mental and physical capacity that dominated at the stage, charm and suggestiveness addressing the audience and the modesty both in professional and private life.

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