Friday, December 29, 2006

Sekerinska: Euro-integration of Macedonia is not a success of one person, one government

Skopje, December 28 (MIA) - The period before 2006 registered feelings of great optimism and fear. Macedonia's intention to apply for the European Union membership was not welcomed by the country's partners in Europe, leader of the opposition SDSM Radmila Sekerinska says in an interview with Radio Deutsche Welle - Macedonian language program.

Some representatives of Germany, France and other influential EU countries considered that it was too early to speak about Macedonia's EU membership, candidate status, telling us that high ambitions could lead to disappointment, Sekerinska says.

However, in late 2005 Macedonia got the candidate status for EU membership, creating a positive climate that the country would be awarded if it acted appropriately.

It was not a result of one person, team or government, it was a successful project due to the enormous engagement of many people, Sekerinska says.

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