Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Officers are Questioned in Macedonia about Weapons for Bulgaria

Skopje. In Macedonia the scandal with the three trucks detained while transporting weapons from the Macedonian capital city to Bulgaria is gaining speed. The trucks were loaded with the weapons in Goce Delcev barracks. 300 submachine guns, 300 guns and 33 granade guns were found. The drivers did not have the necessary documents, and the trucks traveled without police guard. The drivers, who are Bulgarian citizens, are detained for 30 hours, RIA Novosti announces.
The Chief of Macedonian General Staff Miroslav Stojanovski said the case could not be considered an attempt for illegal weapon export from the country.
“The weapons are old and unfit for use. They were sent to Bulgaria under a compensation contract,” Stojanovski stated.
Ten officers from the General Staff have been questioned about the case. It is not mentioned what their testimonies are.

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