Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Only the Four Bulgarian Drivers Arrested in Skopje Weapon Affair

Skopje. There are no other detainees in the Skopje weapon affair apart from the four Bulgarians Svetoslav Gotsev, Rangel Antonov, Alexander Dimitrov and Georgi Yordanov, the correspondent of Focus Agency in Skopje reports.
After being questioned the eight officers from the Macedonian General Staff and the Director of Tito metal processing plant were released. According to the police they will be again questioned if needed.
The four Bulgarians remain arrested. One of them is supposed to be the owner of the company transporting the weapons. The destination of the trucks is not yet clear. On Sunday the Macedonia media assume the weapons, which set off from Skopje barracks, were intended to pass transit as reexport.
The name of the former Defense Minister Jovan Manasievski has been brought up for the first time. The contract with Tito metal processing plant was signed while he held the minister’s post.
According to the then Defense Ministry Macedonia had too many weapons, which it sold through mediators.

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