Friday, December 29, 2006

Police lays charges against two security guards of DTU

Tetovo Police laid charges today against two security guards of the State University of Tetovo (DTU) for assault and battery against a group of students.

Tetovo Police laid charges against F.A., 38 and E.J., 25, employed as security guards at the State University of Tetovo, both from the village of Neprosteno, an official announcement says.

The two security guards were involved in assault on a group of students committed on 20 December, 2006, at the celebration staged on the occasion of 12th anniversary of the University.

Previously, the Police laid charges for disturbing the public order against a group of students involved in the same incident.

A group of 100 students of DTU held protests today in Tetovo, under the motto "Let's bury the violence".

The protest was not supported by the Union of students of Albanian ethnic origin in Macedonia nor by the Union of DTU students. The latter condemned the incident and urged the political parties to refrain from meddling into students' affairs.

According to them, the protesters chose a wrong timing for holding protests amid the ongoing turmoil at this University.

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